100 Day Glaucoma

Ischaemic CRVO (Image:

  • 100 day glaucoma is typically seen in Ischemic CRVO.
  • Following central retinal vein occlusion flame-shaped hemorrhages develop in the nerve fiber layer of the retina, especially around the optic disc, as a result of the high intravascular pressure that dilates the veins and collateral vessels.
  • Edema of the optic disc and retina occur because of an impaired absorption of interstitial fluid.
  • Vision is generally poor, but may recover surprisingly well, considering the severity of the funduscopic changes.
  • An intractable closed angle glaucoma, with severe pain and repeated hemorrhages, commonly occurs 2 to 3 months after central retinal vein occlusion ( '100 day glaucoma' ; 'thrombotic glaucoma' ), owing to neovascularization of the iris and adhesions between the iris and the anterior chamber angle (peripheral anterior synechiae).
Q: 100 day glaucoma is seen in?

c. Hypertension
d. None

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