Interview with Dr. Anshuman Elhence - AIPGMEE 2014 Rank: 11

Name: Dr. Anshuman Elhence
Rank: 11 in AIPGMEE 2014

Dr. Anshuman Elhence secured rank 11 in AIPGMEE 2014. We invited him for a brief interview. Here is the interview.

AcrossPG : Firstly Congrats on securing a good ranks! What is the secret of your success in this exam in few lines?
Answer : there is no secret about securing a good rank..all it requires is perseverance and determination

AcrossPG : Who inspired you to take up Medicine?
Answer : i was always fascinated by medical science and my parents are also medicine always lured me

AcrossPG : When did you seriously started to prepare for PG Entrance Exams?
Answer : Right from MBBS

AcrossPG : Were you able to prepare well during the internship period?
Answer : i did my internship from civil hospital, was quite hectic with night duties and all..but if u are able to read daily atleast for 6 to 8 hrs then it is sufficient

AcrossPG : What was your main / primary strategy for the preparation of the exams?
Answer : i started my preparation keeping in mind AIPGMEE... since the |NEET verdict was still pending when i started my prep i wasnt too sure about the examination dates but i wanted to finish by sept oct so that even if the exams were held by nov dec i stood a fare chance

AcrossPG : How did you prepare the time table for your studies and were you able to stick to it?
Answer : since i was aiming for AIPG..i had decided to wrap up by october for that i strictly followed the test series schedule keeping about 10 to 20 days for big subjects and 4 to 5 days for small subjects

AcrossPG : In your opinion, how much time one require to preparing for this exam?
Answer : if one has read well during MBBS days then it is very easy to clear the exam with internship

AcrossPG : We appreciate that preparing for PG Entrance is really challenging. During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it, and how did you fight it?
Answer : doubts crept in every now and then but since there was no way out i kept toiling..the results of the test series also held my morale high

AcrossPG : What was your study strategy? Which is better, between selective-intensive study or wide-extensive study?
Answer : with the NBE conducting the exams one cant be too selective in reading the have got to connect the dots wherever possible keeping a fine balance bw too selective and too extensive reading

AcrossPG : What changes in study pattern do you think should be adopted in view of NEW TREND in DNB and AIPGMEE exams (Multiple days and Psychometric analysis)?
Answer : if one is well prepared then the psychometric analysis doesnt matter much....when we started preparing there was much ado about chosing the right dates..reading DNB books but then all this doesnt matter...chose the date which suits u the best and go for the exam with positive mind

AcrossPG : Which book did you study for subject-wise theory preparation?
Answer : anatomy greys anatomy students edition physio board review series by costanzo +pretest bchem lippincot( read proteomics from harper) pharma gobind rai garg patho systemic from robbins(the basis/big book/father) micro baweja immunology Levinson fmt reddy synopsis and sumith seth ophthal..self notes..cudnt find a good and conscise book so it took me 10 days to read ophthal psm vivek jain medicine mudit khanna and nms medicine surgery again couldn't find a good book so read gastro and uro from bailey since i had read it during my ug days obgyn hacker and moore + punit bhojani for revision pedia..ghai and coaching notes ortho..coaching notes by dr apurv mehra psychiatry pretest psychiatry derma from medicne and robbins radio coaching notes and dr sumer sethi book anesthesia coaching notes

AcrossPG : How important is studying theory from text books for this new pattern of exam?
Answer : indeed reading textbooks is a better an foolproof cant just rely on past papers and mcqs coz u need to be prepared for new questions also

AcrossPG : Which books did you study for MCQ practice? Exam wise and subject-wise.
Answer : i hardly referred books other than those mentioned above even for mcqs

AcrossPG : Which subjects should be focussed upon in your opinion?
Answer : i think physiology, pathology, pharmac and psm fo a large chunk of questions though i shud be well versed with all the subjects

AcrossPG : How did you plan your revision? How many months to keep for revision and which books or notes to study?
Answer : i had kept about a month or two for revision and i was only able to wrap up one revison i read all the text i had read while preparing subjectwise

AcrossPG : How much did internet helped you in your preparation? and did AcrossPG kept you updated about exams?
Answer : internet is very essential to keep abreast of all the recent happenings, clearing your doubts,relaxing..and with the NEET case still in court we looked for updates on these sites

AcrossPG : What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt and why? What helped you to fight the nerves?
Answer : it is very imp to stay calm on the day of exam..reach the examination centre on time and stay focused ..i had attempted all the questions even if i was able to rule out one of the options...leaving any question in these high stake medical entrance examinations can be counter intuitive and suicidal

AcrossPG : Did you joined any Coaching Classes? Did coaching helped in your success?
Answer : i had joined the bhatia foundation course and test series and found it to be quite helpful

AcrossPG : What are your comments on this new multiple session entrance exam for Medical PG Entrance? Is it fair and appropriate? Do you feel hard work or luck play more important role?
Answer : as i said earlier this psychometric analysis and its flaws only make a good drawing room it all boils down to how well you are prepared

AcrossPG : What do you want to specialize in, why and where?
Answer : i have opted for internal medicne at MAMC, infact i had started prep keping in mind that to get into MAMC med i wud require a under 25 AIR

AcrossPG : Whom do you attribute your success to?
Answer : my teachers ,my parents and friends

AcrossPG : What is your final advice to your juniors and colleagues who couldn't make it this time?
Answer : have faith in yourself...perseverance is the key

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