Practice MCQ Tests for PG Entrance Exams

"Practice makes the Man Perfect"

For the benefit of AcrossPG Members, we will be posting Practice test on different subjects and topics on a regular basis from now on.

The Features of the practice tests:
  • You need to be a member of AcrossPG and logged in to attempt the test.
  • The Tests will be posted periodically on AcrossPG Portal.
  • The test will consist of 10-20 MCQs from different topics and subjects.
  • Correct answers will be displayed once the test is submitted.
  • As it is practice test, there will be no time limit and the answere will not be stored and no ranks will be given.
  • Members can get the questions with answers and explaination in downloadable PDF from docial group on Practice test.
  • There is no limit on how many times a test can be attempted.

Members are encouraged to tell us which subject and topics practice test they want on AcrossPG. Give us your feedback for Improvement.

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