Bi RADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System)

BIRADS stands for 'Breast Imaging Reporting And Data System'

BI-RADS is a quality assurance tool designed to standardize mammography reporting, reduce confusion in breast imaging interpretations, and facilitate outcome monitoring.
It contains a lexicon for standardized terminology (descriptors) for mammography, breast US and MRI, as well as Standard Reporting with Final Assessment Categories and guidelines for Follow-up and Outcome Monitoring.

It even enables you to evaluate the quality of your reporting.

BIRADS mammographic assessment categories

The BI-RADS Final Assessment Categories are:

0- Incomplete,
1- Negative,
2- Benign findings,
3- Probably benign,
4- Suspicious abnormality,
5- Highly suspicious of malignancy,
6- Known biopsy with proven malignancy.

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Whats the full form of Bi RADS?

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