Shameful incidence against medicos in Kanpur

A very shameful incident occurred on 28th Feb 2014 in GSVM, Kanpur. After a road accident near the college with the car of Samajwadi Party MLA from Sisamau Irfan Solanki he started beating the students as it hurt his ego even after repeated apologies by the medical students. Soon a huge crowd gathered and opposed the MLA. He ordered open firing at the students. Two final year students have been shot. They also called his supporters and with the help of police started beating all the students of college. The 'gunda raj' didn't end there, their supporters and police entered hostel and started beating students. They damaged all the hostels, vehicles, hospital, etc and were still chasing students. Students have suffered massive injuries and many have been admitted at the LLR hospital, the condition of some of whom are critical.

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